14 December 2004


Just came across some tracks by DMT (Drum Machine Technicians) ...

DMT is the brain child of Eddie Def and DJ Cue. DMT released a series of 4 albums alternating between the two DJs. The first and third CDs will feature Eddie Def creations, the second and fourth spotlight DJ Cue


Both these guys were apparently in the surely mythical Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters and they make a pleasing noise; sort of midway between early Warp releases, old school electro drum machine experimentation, early Industrial electronica (think the Cabaret Voltaire axis, not the TG one) and Turntablism.

As ever, it doesn't really sound like any of that stuff ('We Guarantee Disappointment', as Coum used to say) but then, unless you count the obvious copyists (you know who you are), music never really allows itself the safety of good similies does it?

Crunchy Blast Alert

Controlled Mayhem

Hamsetr Switch Exploited

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