21 December 2004

Captain Beefheart Burns


is one of the only Captain Beefheart songs I can still listen to. It's a great song but almost everything else he did was a terrible mistake. I have all the albums and I can't really remember liking any of them, apart from perhaps Safe as Milk. The rest seem like hidden ugly children.

And, if current research evidence from the Independent Advisory Committe to the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture can be given any credence, milk isn't that safe and may be related to internal bleeding.

Merry Christmas.

I'm off to to toss Trout Mask Replica into the Wicker Man's belly.


Phil said...

ah, what an artiste he was. i can barely stand those early bluesy psych records although there are some great tracks. trout mask is likewise unlistenable but for completely different reasons - bar 'moonlight on vermont' and the instrumentals and the no-instrumentals. then he becomes marvellous all of a sudden for 3 terrific almost unbeatable albums that sound like nothing else ever made and completely unlike each other. then he's neither here nor there even in the late 'renaissance'. i've got a wonderfull boot from amsterdam 82, though, which makes me sad i never saw him live.

edgy said...

Oh, Loki,
you stab my heart. What about Owed to Alex? What about Grown so Ugly? I salute the Captain daily. I don't listen to him daily, but lines like "Oh, Chicago's a woman make a young man a bum" install him permanently in my pantheon. Don't tell me it's an Amurican thing.... actually, I came at the Captain backwards, being a few years younger than the person that turned me on to the Captain (and I'm older than you by about as many years, I think)... I was set up to like the Captain by local faves The Butthole Surfers. Weird how that works.

Moooooonlight in Vermont. Ayyyyyeeee, don't toss the Trout Mask.

Anonymous said...

Go to "Big eyed beans from Venus" and just cool down and enjoy the man!!

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