25 November 2004

The Harvey Girls


I occasionally get e-mails from bands who'd like to be mentioned on An Idiot's Guide To Dreaming and normally I ignore them or download a few tracks and realise that there's a reason they need all the help they can get. But something attracted me to the The Harvey Girls (loads of Mp3s here).

Perhaps it was the nam (I once had a minor psychotic episode trying to have sex with a girl called XXXX Harvey - ended up chasing her car down the street with a Zen stick and a mouthful of yoghurt...ah fond memories), perhaps it was the reference to Captain Beefheart in the title of their new album, perhaps it was the way they sounded so different from the usual Hey! Check us Out! You're soooo coool! e-mails i usually get...

Anyway, I downloaded a track and found that it was really good in a vaguely lo-fi, vaguely Fiery Furnaces kind of way; a little skewed around the edges (those Aah ahs remind me of something I can't quite place - it's been nagging me all day), a little slurred, a tiny organ riff ascending, some strummed guitar, biscuit-box guitar, Meredith Monkish 'Bum Bum Bums'; fun for all the family.

This is that track and it made me want to find out more because, well, there's just something that makes you kinda like the people behind it and sometimes that's enough...

The Harvey Girls - Good Morning Bubblegum

Not sure about naming yourself after a Judy Garland film though guys...


N.E. said...

Hang on a sec, I've heard this before somewhere....oh yeah, over at Spoilt Victorian Child a couple of days ago. Loki commits the cardinal sin of MP3 blogging. Ouch!!

Loki said...

the horror, the horror...

Loki; he dead

I am not Kek-w said...

"I once had a minor psychotic episode trying to have sex with a girl called XXXX Harvey..."

Hmmm. Only four letters, so it can't be Polly Harvey.

Ah! It wasn't Alex Harvey, was it?


Psychbloke said...


Damn - too many letters....

Loki said...

okay, okay so it was Mick Harvey...i was young, it was dark, he had such lovely curly hair...

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