11 October 2004

Yet another Boring Post

But if the urge to pick up a Black & Decker is really starting to get to you...

Then I suggest you check out the International Trepanation Advocacy Group: not just another Boring Website, this is a one-stop skullduggery shop. Everything you need to (safely) drill a hole in your head; they've got their own surgeons, testimonials 'n' stuff. The graphics are nicely creepy (what's with that 'blinking eye' logo, huh? How very Discordian...): they've even got a CGI'd trepanation tool as a pointer. Guh-guh-groovy.

But if you want all the benefits of trepanation without the discomfort (or vice versa, depending on your temperament), then may I suggest you play "Sun Blindness Music" by John Cale very, very loudly on headphones?

As for that bad-tempered Pre-New Wave group in Driller-Killer who wore vests, braces and plastic glasses, and who looked like an early template for Devo: I wonder what ever became of them?

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