16 October 2004

Forward Riddim Banned

If you go down to Gutterbreakz today and download 'Forward Riddim' by Lethal B then you'd better go in disguise because apparently it's been banned in Essex due to the fact that people are going too mental when it comes on.

I'm not so sure...

It reminds me of Chuck Palahniuk's Lullaby, or that joke that killed in Monty Python,or just of lines and lines of Neo-Nazi rally speedy spazz boys dancing to techno at Funnyskin, the club that used to be part of Southend football club...

Forward Riddim is a little, um, jaunty, but could it be considered dangerouslydancey?Is it violence that Essex County Council are worried about? Subliminals that might fuck the economy with the push for extra neon underlights for Vaukhall Astra super-turbo-bastards? Hernias? Aneurystic flip-flops? Injuries from all that urban wrist clicking that my old Southend teaching pal Baiju used to be able to do and etymologically approximated "I'm exhilarated; look at me!"?

And when King Kurt's Ooh Wallah Wallah gets a re-release are they gonna ban that too because from what I remember that song had liminalstelling people to beat the living crap out of each other (and in those days you couldalso be injured by a poke in the eye with a twenty-can psychobilly quiff)

I worry for all our futures.

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