04 October 2004

Eris: the Movie / Shakuhachi Surprise


Anyone with a passing interest in the Illuminati Trilogy may wish to go to The Devia Discordia and try to work out if this film project was ever real.

A big welcome to Psychbloke and Kek-w after their first excellent blog entries on An Idiot's Guide to Dreaming - keep it up guys, but not too far up because i don't want the rest to look shit. I'm hoping this kind of collectivist obsessionism will send this blog in some excellent mis-directed ways...

Also, yesterday i received my first hate mail. Apparently DERELICTHOTEL@aol.com didn't like my Naked Lunch post:


Isn't that exciting? It's like we've arrived...

Today's track is by the fantastic car-crash mind-melding of Space Streakings (one of my favourite japanese impro-psych-punk-funk-skronkathon bands) and Mount Shasta (who I've never heard and can't be arsed to find out about yet - they come from Chicago which normally means noodling to me and reviews of theirs mention words like noise 'mechanics' and 'tools' which set me worrying in a vaguely undefined and unsettling ways) - Shakuhachi Surprise. I think I first came across them on the Savage Pencil cover-arted Cosmic Kurushi Monsters compilation (for a while i foolishly bought everything with a Savage Pencil cover - that boy just doesn't have the ethics I thought he had) and thereafter, they've been part of my general japanese noise obsessions; yeah, it's not big and it's not always clever but this kind of thing just makes me smile like a kid biting a duck:

Oresama Big J


sucka pants said...

ha. nice touch with the "hidden" links. . . gotta appreciate a little challenge in the name of aesthetics every now and again.
i used to get some flak for pulling something slightly similar on my site (ofquiet.com), but stuck by my guns and ignored the inevitable non-commercially-viable side effect (for better or for worse, still not sure).
yeah, fun.

Paul Irish said...

Looking pretty critically at that film's website makes me think it's fake. There is no site at www.miramax.com/eris like they suggest, it's just clever coding. Also that trailer looks like it was put together in iMovie. I'd say theres not an icecube's chance in hell that Eris is a real movie. :)
But that's a hot picture of Heather Graham.

Also, those Japanese Shakuhachi boys are freakin intense. word.

Anonymous said...

so jealous that you got hate mail! i haven't got any yet:(

when i was in rock bands we used to know when we were making a dent by the number of people who would give us shit to our faces.

congrats on your "arrival"!

su | www.aumsupreme.com

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