08 September 2004

Young People / Negativland

Whatever happened to this post? If you find it, send it back please. I doubt very much if it could survive outside for long.

In other news,Negativland have produced a film for the SF indie film festival consisting entirely of the product placement bits of 70 other films. A great idea: why bother hanging around for all those dull denouements when the Negatives can give you everything you really want in one hit?

Wonder if they'll include that Ikea bit in Fight Club?

Maybe I missed the point there...

How about every scene in Return Of The Jedi with Ewoks? (i always thought the Jawas were much cuter...hey; they killed Jawa!)

Is that the right name? Looks wrong...

Anyway, the film's a great idea... I've always wanted to make a film consisting entirely of those 'previously seen on...' bits from series (the 24 and The OC ones tells you everything you need to know, don't they?)

If you happen to be in SF then get in the mood for the film by listening to these:

U2/Negativland - fobidden (acapella mix)

NCN - can you feel me?
- warning!! ogg file.

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