04 September 2004

Kid Acne / Sonic Weapons


Kid Acne does for British Hip Hop what Anticon do for the USA. Sort of. He's sort of anti-style, like a souped up Vauxhall Astra, roof-down and blasting out Chris De Burgh while casually overtaking a Porsche. Okay, I guess he fits largely in with the likes of Dizzee Rascal and Roots Manuva.

Incidentally, how long is Dizzee gonna be a Rascal? I mean, is he still gonna be a rascal when he's got three kids, a mortgage and watching that Irish guy on Breakfasttime to find out how his Dyson shares are doing? Will he be a rascal in an Ollie Reed kind of way, or slip by the wayside like 'Champagne" Charlie Nicholas?...

I digress. Kid Acne is pissed off in a 'nowhere decent to buy real cider after 11 without having a lock-in with the three-eyed monobrows in The Slaughtered Ass (scene of the climatic Bosch-homage that was the Pittard Leather Workers Donkey Derby of '72 - three dead, nine injured, one terminally confused) kind of way'

And this is something all us West Country boys can relate too.

As far as I know Kid Acne is not a West Country boy.

Anyway, download a video of his reality raps single here and then go to the milkfactory downloads page to grab a coupla tracks.


Unrelated (i think) but I came across this and this today. Both are articles about the use of sound as a weapon, something I've been interested in since reading the RE:Search book about Throbbing Gristle, Brion Gysin and William Burroughs.

"a new sonic weapon being developed for the Pentagon makes use of one of the most fearsome sounds known to humans: a baby crying.

Once aimed at the enemy, a focused beam of the familiar noise, played backwards, will be painful enough to make enemy soldiers run for their lives, according to its developers. They call it the ‘‘sonic bullet’’.

There are 50 soundtracks to choose from, and they are played at 140 decibels. That is akin to standing beneath a passenger jet as it takes off. Hardly surprising, then, that the weapon causes an intense headache in its victim.

The Fortean Times article has a good pic of Cosey wigging out too.


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