15 August 2004


Bike bells, telephone rings and white knuckle cracks all mixed up with disco-tastic brass stabs and foetal (as in scraping) string sweeps make the basis for the frankly bizarre Hip Hop coming (er, at ya) from former Truman's Water mainmain Glen Galaxy's (nee Galloway) Soul-Junk

Ungst Func Slag Collision is spazz-hop at it's fruitiest while Hogging all the Islands continues the fun and frolics.

Apparently the themes are very spiritual and you can find him in the Christian Rap section of you local redneck store but on the first listen it's pretty hard to tell. On the second it starts to become clear as a jesusbeam and then by the third you've forgotten what you were listening for.


If you like these then try here for some more, if you don't then try Saloon - Girls are the new boys where gentle vocals strum along with bleeps and bubbles from assorted ancient electronic equipment (or possibly computer recreations) in a vaguely Stereolab / Pram vibe which got voted (incorrectly, in my opinion) as Number 1 in the famous Festive 50.

And if you don't like either of these then wait around awhile until I get round to plugging some Masonna , Whitehouse or King Mong.

In the meantime, if you've listened to these tracks and fancy going Christian and hanging out for the 'The Rapture' (why the Christians chose a rather bland and derivative post-punk disco revivalist band to head up their eschatological theory, I don't know; maybe the haircuts?) you'd better read Your Final Final Final Warning because if there's any more warnings and we're not all about to descend into the chaos and confusion of the End Days by tea-time then you want to have enough information to be smug, don't you?

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