23 August 2004

God does not play Black Dice

Are Black Dice any good? I just can't make up my mind. I've played Beaches and Canyons a lot, but normally only when I'm reading and don't want to listen to anything particularly. I can't really say I've actually ever listened to it at all. I'm not even sure I could recognise any of the racks if they were played back blind. Still, they've kind of seeped into my unconscious and made me think that I must like it because otherwise why am I playing it all the time? It's not as if I haven't got a whole record collection full of worthy, aimless ambient noise that I've never really listened to: Total, Node, Legion, Null, Lull, Lustmord etc etc

Perhaps this is the Cognitive Dissonance that Psychbloke went on about a while back?

Or is there?

Maybe there's something more to Black Dice, something altogether more sinister. I don't believe in Subliminal Messaging but maybe that's why I don't. The harder I listen the less I seem to like them, but then I go to sit on the sofa, grab a book and feel inextricably drawn towards them again.

I want to hear I want to hear I want to hear I want to hear I want to hear

Maybe I do like them, maybe this is simply a Green Eggs and Ham thing. But it can't be because I want to like them, always have, always will. They're like a plain girl with a lovely personality, who likes the same books and records as you but is somehow just not sexy enough. I'm sure, deep down, Black Dice are wonderful but I just can't get past the surface.

God. I just don't know. I'm going to play some Rachel Stevens to excite me up and then maybe I'll just sit on the sof, grab a book and...

Oh God.

Black Dice - the raven


governor said...

Is Black Dice similar to Godspeed or Labradford?

I agree that there are some album that work better as sonic wall paper than an active listening experience.
.. .. .. .. ..... ..

Republic of Replicants said...

What?? Where???

I thought you said Subliminal Massaging...


sil3ntstatic said...

yeah, i too tried very hard to like black dice but, alas, i cannot stand it. Ok, i dont hate it but if i want "organized noise" i would rather get my fix from merzbow :-) just always sounded like a band rehearsing from a block away. I can see how some may like it i suppose...

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