26 August 2004

Furious Pig

Steamin straight out of the badlands of Totnes, South Devon Furious Pig first came to my attention via the 'four guys trapped in a vice' splutteronics that was Bare Pork, their contribution to the Rough Trade NME C81 cassette (see my early post on this album).

Apparently influenced by all the unlistenable bits of Zappa, Beefheart and Edgar Varese (not forgetting Ethiopean polyphonic chanting: is there monophonic chanting?) they drove a wedge through the heart of British music, achieving three No.1s (including a fantastic performance on TOTPs, dressed entirely in clothes made of cottage cheese), a number 1 album (in the rather shaky Billboard charts but what the hell) and selling-out stadiums and arenas across Europe. They would've gone to America but were protesting against the death of Elvis.

Well... they released a couple of 12"s, an album and toured alongside bands like The Raincoats, Pere Ubu, The Fall and This Heat.

Their music was mostly acapella vocal chanting, often with all the band members seemingly singing different songs in different keys for different reasons. Sort of a impro-rock spazz punk band without any instruments. Occasionally, they'd hit bits of metal. Not particularly hard.

Here's Furious Pig - Johnny's so long for your enjoyment.

And if you don't want to listen then I've been reading Better Humans. but there's no need for you to, especially when there's stuff like the top 10 most ridiculous death metal pictures to look at and laugh.

I mean, why bother with personal development or technological advances when there's so many crap people out there to make you feel better about yourself?

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Anonymous said...

Looking for Furious Pig's "Jonny So Long" I was ecstatic when I came across the link on your blog ... but the link is broken. Could you please repost it.

jackthesam @ yahoo.co.nz

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