07 August 2004

Dead Can Dance

I've been into this band since they appeared on a 4AD compilation album that I bought because The Cocteau Twins were on it. Since then they've gone onto much bigger (and I guess in some ways smaller) things, Hollywood soundtracks and the like, but for me they will always be the slightly strange-looking medievalists standing at the back with no one talking to them and playing ancient flutes, hurdy gurdies and bhodrans, invoking the spirits of ancient civilizations (well someone has to talk to them) with some of the most beautiful music ever created.

Some of it is good for belly-dancing too.

The Host of the Seraphim

Song of the Dispossessed

Persian Teardrop - Massive Attack track (with Liz Fraser) remixed by Dead Can Dance. At least I think that's what this is; i'm afraid it could easily be something else.

Utterly unrelated except in a swerve of shore, bend of bay, riverrun / barcelona tour guide kind of way (private joke) is this guy:

Who's eaten too much windfall fruit or something and decided to modify himself into an, well, alien. There's a backstory, how could there not be?, which can be found here.

Me? I'm still a little dubious about hair gel.

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