19 August 2004

Ciccone Youth

Sonic Youth spin-off Ciccone Youth's The Whitey Album was a bit disappointing when it came out ( i mean, you expect a little slack from Sonic Youth but this was positively unfurled) and even though the Robert Palmer cover worked pretty well, it was a kinda obvious moves. The single, on the other hand,

Ciccone Youth - Into the Groovey

was something else entirely and it's still a classic.

Thurston and Madge's intertwining vocals make both of them sound like they can sing a bit (well, maybe not Thurston and maybe not sing) and the song seems to transcend it's sources to become a thing of wonder; full of light and electricity and joy.

Definitely a gestalt happening here that means the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts.

Nowadays, you sometimes get this with a really good bootleg - Jimi Hendrix and Beyonce's 'Foxy Lady', The Strokes and Christine Aguilera's 'A Stroke of Genius' - but back then you never got it at all.

Entirely unrelated, this article documents a new trend in drug taking; buying experimental psychedelic compounds over the internet from mainstream drug 'research' companies. It's probably incredibly unsafe, almost certainly a bad idea and very possibly the stupidest thing ever but... well, wasn't this pretty much how LSD was discovered in the 50s?


Psychbloke said...

I seem to remember buying this on the same day as Abba's 'Gimme, Gimme, Gimme' covered by the Leather Nun.
(Anyway 96.2% A-E - that 'point two' matters.....)

Loki said...

ah The Leather Nun...always looked better on paper than on record but maybe i'll post about them in the future...certainly they're long forgotten... and as for A-E (was that psych? or overall?)...either way, I win
(100% for Psych, 99.5% overall)

Psychbloke said...

Ah well.....

Psychbloke said...

Back to more important things....can't we have some Brilliant Corners ?

Republic of Replicants said...

Heh... sounds like karaoke...

nobu said...

The Japanese katakana on the obi of the record actually reads Sonic Youth, not Ciccone Youth. Sorta thought that was funny.

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