15 August 2004

Al Wilson / Stark Effect

I know almost nothing about soul music, Northern or otherwise. I don't even know what I like but I love Al Wilson's 'The Snake' from the heady days of 1968.

Al is a prophet, a genius, a man of great insight and wisdom. The message Al seems to be telling us is that the 60s are coming to an end, peace and love are dryin' up, people are growing their hair but forgetting the beads, the 70s are a shiny beast yet to be born and the 80s are just ahead, grinning into brick-sized mobile phones and adjusting their Gekko hair sweeps, preparing us for Kajagoogoo and Spandau Ballet...

Or maybe I'm reading too much into this.

Find out for yourself by going to this site and downloading "The Snake"

Stark Effect

On another note David Dixon (Mr Stark Effect, of the pointlessly wonderful "Bunnyrabbits, Satan, Cheese and Milk" and "14") sent me an e-mail that linked to what he claimed will very likely be his last ever mic-in track. I'd go here and download it right now if I were you. If I am you already then please stop: it's hard enough being me.

New Blogs

These have appeared recently and may well be worth a look in the future:

Burgeoning Silt has some Gary Numan cover versions / re-wires.

Republic of Replicants deals with music and comics

20 Jazz Funk Greats has some of my faves - Neu and Throbbing Gristle plus Nation of Ulysses and, well, check it out...


Finally, a big thankyou to Psychbloke for lending me his entire series (he tells me the correct term in a run or something) of Alan Moore's 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' comics.

Thanks to all those who commented on my post about Neil Gaiman and thanks for the suggestions. Any other suggestions for decent graphic novels / trade paperbacks ( no way i'm actually going into Forbidden Planet to buy the monthlies: the dog smell / ventolin puffs of undersexed boys is bad for my sinuses)? I'm looking for something to read on the bus when I start work again.

For the record I loved: V for Vendetta, big chunks of The Invisibles, Preacher (i'm told Hitman is good) and Watchmen but hated almost all of Promethea (artwork excepted)...


Psychbloke said...

Nul comment - looks like the comics fraternity have abandoned you already - what a fickle bunch.
You have to be so careful - they were never the same in Forbidden Planet once I went in with a girl.

Republic of Replicants said...

I love Moore's storytelling style. I even have his "How To" book from Avatar.

However, I think he fell down a notch in my eyes when he took on ABC Comics. It was just too much at one time.
If he was doing JUST Promethia or JUST Tom Strong, etc. then I'd probably still be following him. As it is, he's the creator of Watchmen and V For Vendetta, two excellent series.

You do know that he's creating another Universe of characters, right? I forgot where I heard it, but I know Dave Gibbons (of Watchmen) will be doing some covers for it.

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