03 July 2004


Je suis désolé monsieur, mais malheureusement je ne peux pas payer
la facture parce que je me suis sali....

It's Summer, and you should read more French translations. I'd recommend some fo the following:

1. Atomised by Michel Houellebecq. Ideal for the misanthrope in all of us. Easy to read and full of literay nastiness, bad sex, New-Age nuttiness and satantic pop groups. It reads like a history of the failings of the human race. This guy hates everyone and brings to mind the quote (I think it was Gore Vidal) who said (paraphrasing wildly) his idea of making the world a better place would be to remove 50% of all the people who lived on Earth. Houellebecq wants everyone dead.
2. The Ogre by Michel Tourneir. The kind of book that makes you believe that everyone and anyone could descend at any moment into depravity and destruction. Sadism, cannibalism, Nazism, Kidnapping and perversion abound but all done with the lightest of touches so that the evil creeps up on you like that little dwarf in Don't Look Now.
3. Hallucinating Foucault by Patricia Duncker. She's not French but may as well be. A small, weird book which twists and turns like an elver until you get to the end and realise that you're gonna have to read the whole thing again just to make sure. Sexuality,Philosophy and Librarianship merge into a seamless and unexpected whole. And you'll read it in a day.
4. Story of the Eye by Georges Bataille. Utterly pornographic, Totally surreal. Potentially pointless. Recommended as a book you give to someone you fancy because it's highly sexualised but in such an artistic way (cf. those films that get over the no erections rule by being either miserable or sub-titled and maybe the short stories of Anais Nin) that you'll come across as urbane and sophisticated rather than dirty and depraved. Don't give it to Granny .

and for all those people who only come here for the free music then here's

Rough Dogs Don't Bump by Melt Banana by favourite Japanse skronk punk-pop band. If you remember early Stump (How much is the fish?) then this band might have come from their ashes. If the ashes had first been sped up, whirled around like a Turk and then stuffed into a box marked: for the kind of people who think Kid 606 is actually kinda smooth. Okay, they sound a bit like the Boredoms used to before they went all Hawkwindy.

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