17 July 2004

Essential Logic / Deerhoof

Essential Logic were one of my favourite bands on the infamous (no; maybe just famous - it was hardly Nero) NME C81 cassette which also featured 'misery goats' my favourite ever Pere Ubu track, and excellent thumper from the pre-duo DAF, some pre-jangle indie pop from Orange Juice and The Blue Orchids and some utterly compelling foolishness from the never to be repeated Furious Pig.

Essential Logic was formed in early 1978 by saxophonist Lora Logic, after she left X-Ray Spex. This quintet included Lora on lead vocals, sax and xylophone, Ashley Buff (Philip Legg/Phil Lip) on guitar, Mark Turner (Base) on bass, Rich Tee (Tea) on drums and Dave Wright on tenor sax though at various times they also featured William Bennett of Whitehouse (infamy indeed) and Charles Hayward of This Heat.

They were good.

Essential Logic - Aerosol Burns

Essential Logic - Wonderful Offer

In a post-punk, Raincoatsy, Slittish kind of way...

I reckon Deerhoof are roughly analagous today. They don't exactly sound the same (in fact they don't even sound similar) but the artful sloppiness and general gestalt is there, at least to me...

Anyway, I've already posted some Deerhoof, but here's a few more:

Deerhoof - Holy Night Fever

Deerhoof - Gore in a Rut

Along the way, why not drop into Big Songs for Short Attention Spans which is an excellent idea, done really well.

Music for ADHD.

Those poor little sods need something to help the Ritalin go down, don't they?

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melaten said...

thanks for the essential logic memories

*little girls shouldn´t be seen but heard* ;-)

herr k. from totally fuzzy

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