16 July 2004

Dub Be Good To Me

I've recently been listening again to all my old On U SoundPayit all Back compilations albums (actually, I haven't; i just wanted topostsome On U Sound stuff and thought it sounded like a nice lead in. I've actually been listening to The Prodigy's new album but I'm a bit scared about posting any tracks off that - you'll find them; think Russian)

Anyway, the On U Sound stuff wasn't always great but Adrian Sherwood certainly stretched a few boundaries along the way, introducing Japanese Psych Dub, African mentalism, Margaret Thatcher(different kind of Mentalism)- and football chants into the mix and always retaining a sense of exploration and fun into the often po-faced Dub genre.

BTW I found this track Lion - Margaret Thatcher but haven't downloaded yet from Reggae Corner tell me if it's any good.


This lead me to Mark Stewart's version of Fun Boy Three's The Lunatics have taken over the asylum which is an excellent version of a song I've always liked and then I found Dub Syndicate - Across the Red Sea which is exactly like it sounds it might be (only less wet) and also Hari Up Hair by Adrian Sherwood's creation which reminded me of the Crass song (i forgot which one) which then made me think of anarcho dub people in general like The Pop Group where I found a link to The Pop Group Jukebox where there are several excellent mp3s available, for instance:

The Pop Group - Words Disobey Me
Rip, Rig and Panic - Storm the Reality Asylum

ButthenI decided that I'd had enough ranting (irony caught me like a weakling child in a vice during Craft Design and Technology for a moment there) and wanted something altogether more mellow so I went instead to Alpha and Omega - Chanting and Alpha and Omega - Is this a Dream? for the best that Plymouth (yeah, Plymouth,- the kind of place you normally associate with blood feuds and fungal infections but what the hell...) has to offer.

Okay, so so the competition isn't that fierce.

Suitably chilled, I felt just about ready for a final dubwise fling, Yves Klein-like, into oblivion when I found much to my delight and surprise...ah fuck it, I'm too dubbed to be arsed; maybe next time.

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Anonymous said...

props for On U Sound. dub just ain't what it used to be... (you'll be o.k. missing out on Adrian Sherwood's new millenium solo effort). i have volumes 1 and 2 of Pay It All Back, both of which i stole from a rabid ex-girlfriend, and which are cornerstones of my education in dub. all i have to say is "Singers & Players"... classic.

su | www.aumsupreme.com

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