23 July 2004


Brainticket are the almost mythical Krautrock (I think they come from Switzerland or Belgium or something but you get the point) band who played early Pink Floyd (think Intastellar Overdrive or Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun rather than Bike or the pixie numbers) at their own game and won.

These people are fried beyond belief.

If you've ever met an old derelict homeless person who seems to think they're the King of the World and insists that there's really 64 letters in the alphabet (including 'triple u' VVV ) but the government are keeping them from you because they're used in the "magical horse control words" then Brainticket are probably indirectly responsible for his frame of mind.

Celestial Ocean is a fantastic album, where the Brainticket guys and gals law down a heady mix of unusual instrumentation (tablas, zithers etc), long space-drones and Egyptian Mythology to great effect. When you think of space rock, you really mean how this album sounds.

That said, this track is completely atypical (so why do I bother?) being the sweet come down at the end of the album:

Brainticket - Visions

But you should all go out and buy this album if only to see where the modern space/post-rockers got their inspiration.

Put it on, graze on some psylocybes (reindeer pee will do), remove all sharp implements from the house and get ready to bathe in true cosmiche mentalness.

DISCLAIMER: Reindeer urine may contain nuts.


melaten said...

some info: http://www.progarchives.com/Progressive_rock_discography_BAND.asp?band_id=684

teir website… http://www.brainticket-art.com/

greetings from germany

herr k. *totally fuzzy*

melaten said...

here are two tracks from "Can":


enjoy it :-)

herr k.

Anonymous said...

the Unireverse from montreal do Brainticket covers!


good stuff!

su | www.aumsupreme.com

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