01 July 2004

The Beatnigs

today there's some tracks from the The Beatnigs who later morphed into the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy and eventually mellowed into Spearhead.
Television was their most famous track and an industrial sing-a-long for the kind of people who wore Dead Kennedy's t-shirts, knew all the lyrics to California-Uber-Alles (which must be due for a re-release by now...it seems more than relevant)and liked to clank along to rhythm tracks on bits of old bicyle, oil drums and sheet metal.

Malcom X is probably about the bald guy who leads the X-Men (apparently he used to be on the front of a Boogie Down Productions lp too and kicked up a bit of a fuss in the 60s)

Burritos seems to be about the importance of complex carbohydrates in everyone's morning routine.

Jello Biafra liked them so they must be okay...

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