07 June 2004

People Like Us

This track is one of my favourite People Like Us tracks. I always really want to like Vicki Bennett but somehow most of her music annoys me in a vaguely smug, Glen Miller "In the Mood" kind of way. This track has something skewed and erratic about it but at the same time stays more or less on the beaten path and works really well as a soundtrack to home movies involving children being excited over Easter eggs or something.

This track is courtesy of those nice people at Illegal Art who have an excellent audio section of wonderful goodies from Public Enemy to the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu - who later went on to become The KLF amongst other things (btw I recently heard the JAMS 1987 album again after many years of forgetting all about it and realised how absolutely terrible it was - was it always like that? i'm sure it couldn't have been...it seemed so revolutionary at the time...).

nb: The children being excited over Easter Eggs is merely a serving suggestion. This MP3 may not necessarily elicit any such feelings of goodwill.

1 comment:

Devil said...

For the first time ever I actually know someone mentioned in a blog. Vicki is a great friend of my best friend. Very annoying when someone does the 'I know someone who knows someone thing' but there you go.

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