16 June 2004


Negativland are one of those bands that seem to have been around forever, quietly nipping away at the seams of contemporary society, like an evil twin at a Corporate dinner. They occasionally miss the mark, sometimes attack targets that are too easy but you're always glad they exist.

I feel much the same about ocelots. And lemurs.

In fact, they're the music equivalent of James Joyce; yeah, sometimes it's a chore to actually listen to them (although many of their records are just the right side of musical and some are downright poppy) but you really ought to have a CD on your shelf and you never feel bad about shelling out for something they created because, well, it always feels like you're contributing somehow to the downfall of capitalism...

Or else they're actually a multi-media conglomerate of their own and your hard earned pennies are going towards the beating of slave children in Sri Lanka...

Either way, you have to say it's a good joke.

Truth in Advertising is fairly symptomatic of their work, taking in stupid Americans, radio phone-ins and phoney media messages.

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Psychbloke said...

Hey, I feel cheated concerning the nature of the previous post's 'heavy thing'.
For God's sake sire - some continuity amongst all this rock and roill tomfoolery please.

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