05 June 2004

The Milk Factory

Nothing at all sarcastic to say about this except it's a really music good site (techno-related)with some decent downloads that I've just discovered via this anyway, give it a try here


Queen Crimson said...

No, sadly I was not one of those lucky people. I was actually pretty surprised to hear that Camber Sands didn't sell very well. Whether or not it'll be their last gig, it's a TG gig nonetheless.
Unfortunately, I also don't know of any other 16-year-olds that have heard of Throbbing Gristle. Most people my age seem to have pretty horrendous taste in music.
Speaking of taste in music, yours is pretty great, lol. TG, PWEI, Negativland... They're all amazing! I hate Muse though.

PS I don't think I am the 39-year-old hairy guy, sorry to disappoint you. And if I am, I'm having some very seriously deceptive delusions about being a teenage girl.

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