04 June 2004

Danielle Dax

Remember her? Then you probably WERE there. I've been having an 80s retro week and rediscovered all my old LPs... Danielle was normally dismissed as part of the 'Goth' nonsense but her music is nothing like Goth...lots of twee / slightly twisted harmonies, middle-eastern drones, odd Ewoks-banging-on-Stormtrooper-helmets percussion, digeridoos(!), skewed pop, backward guitars, weird lyrics...

As far as I can tell the only reason she was ever labelled a Goth is because:

1. she had big hair - and she did sorta look like a pretty Nick Cave
2. she once did a song called 'Batcaves'

Anyway, no MP3s i'm afraid but you should all buy her albums.... especially Inky Bloaters and Jesus Egg That Wept

There's also a link to some Real Audio files of her work here and a short biography here

1 comment:

Devil said...

Remember her! I wanted to BE her. Had the dancing down and saved up for weeks to go to Kensington Market to buy a fully sequinned green halter kneck dress the same model I seen Dax wearing on some lame-o Channel Four interveiw quiz programme. Terrifyingly I saw her years later winning a home decorating/designer challege show.

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