28 June 2004


Sorry there's been no posts for the last few days; I've been in London hanging out in ridiculously cool places with cooly ridiculous people, spending obscene 3rd world debts of money on useless things and generally sucking in what air still exists through the smog. No direct songs today but I'm ecstatic to link you to the newly Ubued 365 day Project which seems to be hosted with all the Mp3s from previous days. Seriously, you could spend days trawling through this stuff and I'd recommend that you do because there's everything here: seriously retarded tributes, under-cover versions of popular tunes, misplaced melodies, foolish conceits, dopey doo-wap, rented rock, wrecked bee-bop and juiced up space garage. Every song is a bona-fide paen to the idiocy of our great race and we should stand by and applaud long and hard whoever put these songs together. They say the line between genius and stupidity is fine and these songs nearly always fall just the wrong side.

Oh and while we're at it, why don't you check out Spoilt Victorian Child(uh!)which has a great Voodoo Queens track for download plus lots of others. Oh and The Mystical Beast has some tracks from a Bleach CD I picked up yesterday for £1 in the Record and Tape Exchange in Berwick Street and then left somewhere (if anyone finds it then please tell me...I think it's probably in London somewhere if that narrows it down - you don't have to give it back; i just want to know it's in safe hands); a situation which seems so much like destiny or fate or something that i couldn't fail to mention it.

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